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Why Scuba Dive?

Scuba is a life changing experience! It encourages quest for adventure. It helps you embraces challenges. And, it encourages teamwork & friendship.
  • Minimum age is 10
  • Student must complete a brief scuba medical questionnaire
  • Demonstrate basic water skills
  • Swim 200 yards (or 300 yards in mask, fins and snorkel) without stopping – no time limit & any stroke allowed.
  • Float for 10 minutes.
  • Complete 5 classroom sessions or the online PADI course.
  • Some basic math is required for the dive tables.
  • Complete 5 pool sessions (maximum).
  • Complete 4 Open Water training dives.

Please check out my pricing page for a general idea of costs.  Note that I am open to discounts for groups.    Generally, a budget of $300-$600 should be planned for you to complete all of your certification requirements including classwork, confined dives and open water dives.

Scuba can be an incredibly safe activity.   The safety of Scuba Diving is based on adherence to what you are taught during certification.  Compared to other injuries:

  • 38 times more serious injuries due to car accidents.
  • 28 times more serious complications during pregnancy.
  • 2 times more serious injuries due to skydiving.
  • 2 times more serious injuries for marathon runners.

There are no “Scuba Police” so you must exhibit self-discipline.

I promise you that there are no sharks in my pool.  I also promise you that there are no sharks at Dutch Springs, the fresh water quarry in which we will complete your certification.  But even when you hit the ocean, consider this:

Most classes do require you to purchase your own mask, snorkel, fins and boots.  However, depending on size and needs, I may be able to supply most (especially for exploration and youth classes). 

You do NOT need to purchase a BCD, regulator, tanks, or weights; I will supply them during your training.

Most of the confined dives will take place right in my inground outdoor saltwater pool in Chalfont, Bucks County, PA 18914.   The Open Water dives will take place at Dutch Springs, which is a freshwater diving site outside of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

For an extra fee, I can come to you and you can train in your own pool, as long as it is greater than 7′ in depth.  For large groups, such as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, we can make alternate arrangements.