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Discover Scuba Diving

This is a quick and easy class that will get you a great introduction to the underwater world of scuba diving, right here in Chalfont!

Open Water Certification

We offer the training and certification for both confined water dives and open water dives (at Dutch Springs).  Earn your internationally recognized PADI Open Water Diver certification.

Advanced Open Water Diver

This course is available after completion of the PADI open water diver certification.  It provides advanced diving knowledge and skills to those looking to go further with their scuba adventures.


Become a leader on dive adventures.  Mentor and motivate your diving friends and become a role model to divers around the world.

A Great Student

Rescue Diver

This course will teach you the skills to manage and prevent problems in the water.  Be more confident in your skills as a diver.  A challenging, yet rewarding program.

Deep Diver

Learn how to safely explore deeper dives.  Dive with confidence down to 130ft/40m in depth.  Learn gas supply management, buddy contact procedures and advanced buoyancy control.

Bubblemaker Program

Let the kids learn how to safely have fun with the basics of scuba.  This direct supervision class will help you take your first breaths underwater in water shallower than 6 feet.

Night Diver

Diving at night opens up a whole new world of nature and creatures.  Learn the safe way to dive as the sun goes down.

Other Courses

We also teach: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Recovery Diver, Digital Underwater Photographer, and Underwater Navigator advanced scuba coursework.

Let us make your diving training unforgettable

Let me teach you how to have a safe, great time scuba diving. Lessons in my pool in Chalfont provide a great small class learning experience in a controlled environment.